My favorite Christmas Song

This is my favorite Christmas song because of its funky beats. You can really get down and groovy with this Christmas song unlike other Christmas songs. My friend from college showed it to me so it reminds me of him.


My thanksgiving break was awesome. I had lots of fun. We had turkey and pumpkin pie at my grandmas house. It was my nephew Xavier’s first thanksgiving, he seemed to enjoy it. I also spent time with my friends this break. I hung out with Gavin and Henry on Thursday night. On Friday night I had to work and I went to Mc’Donalds after work with trey. There we got invited to a fiesta with some other friends. I brought more friends and we had a good time there. On Saturday night I went and hung out with my friends from college. They had some very awesome stories to tell. I had a fun thanksgiving break and I want another break. Oh and I made a pie.