My favorite Christmas Song

This is my favorite Christmas song because of its funky beats. You can really get down and groovy with this Christmas song unlike other Christmas songs. My friend from college showed it to me so it reminds me of him.


6 thoughts on “My favorite Christmas Song

  1. this is pretty clever, im not a huge fan of dubstep but this is sweet. This is a pretty symbolic Christmas song and dubstep did an awesome remix. I really don’t have much to say about it besides that its very creative. this is the first time ive heard it and im very impressed.

  2. There are so many types of Christmas songs. I do like how many bands are changing the style of them now! So groovy! If you know of the band August Burns Red they have a rock-type of album! Its pretty cool they do a bunch of different songs. I really do like the oldies like White Christmas or Have A Holly Jolly Christmas. Those songs really just put butterflies in my stomach and get me super excited for the Christmas season!

  3. This is a pretty cool and hip song. I could get down and funky with this beat. I know the same friend from college that you heard it from and I will probably also think of him when I hear this song from now on. Also I could listen to this nonstop for a long time, because its almost Christmas and it has to relate to Christmas.

  4. personally I have not seen or heard this Christmas song that is full of funky beats. The little snow man like object looks very sad but he’s cute in his little Santa outfit. I will have to listen to this song so I can experience the grooviness.

  5. Awesome song!! When the bass drops its like mind numbing!! Dubstep now a days has taken over pretty much everything and as soon as I heard this song I obviously knew dubstep can take a boring song like this and create it into an awesome song which I could listen to non stop. It really gets me into the Christmas mood!

  6. this song sounds pretty sweet! I’m not usually into this type of music, but every now and then I find a song that I love that is dubstep. This one is awesome.

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